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All about short hairstyles for woman like best short hairstyles, haircuts, trendy and cute short hairstyles for woman and many more

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  • 05/25/13--20:41: First Filofax Blog Post!

  • This is my very first blog post!  I'm so excited to share my love of Filofaxes and cute stationery with you!  I plan on posting lots of photos of my set-ups and fun weekly diary pages!  Thank you so much for joining me!

    I am currently using my Personal Grey Osterley. It is an absolutely beautiful planner!  It holds a LOT of stuff and looks so elegant at the same time! Please view the video of the inside of my planner on Youtube HERE.  The link is also on the right side of this blog.

    In the card slots above, I have:
    • Blue and green Avery tabs from Staples
    • Post-It brand sticky arrows from Target
    • Parakeet page tabs from
    • Elephant page-marker by Re-Marks from
    On the cover page, I used:
    • Giraffe sticky notes from
    • Inspirational note card from Michael's
    • Blue dot card stock from Michael's
      Here's a great shot of the cover.  So far, it is holding up well with minimal signs of wear.  It is well worth the money!

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    • 05/25/13--20:49: Filo Caddy

    • This is how I store some of my personal sized Filofaxes and supplies.  It's PERFECT for traveling from room to room in my house.  It's great for organizing pens, too!  Everything is at your fingertips.  I purchased mine online HERE.  You can also view my Filo Caddy video on youtube HERE.

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    • 05/27/13--14:26: Sneak Peek of My Week...

    • This is our first full week of summer break!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to filling my weeks up with fun activities that will hopefully keep the kids busy!  This is a little snapshot of this week before anything has been filled in.  I love how it turned out.  I will post an update soon!  Be on the lookout!

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      These two just might be my favorite Filofaxes of all time!  I am so in love with their beautiful color, design, and simplicity.  I must also admit that they almost always match my diary pages.  Yes, I usually try to coordinate the two.  It's the little things that make me happy! :)  They wear very well and are not easily scratched.  Love them!


      It has six card slots and one full-length pocket on the left-hand side.  It also has a darker pink fabric lining.  A full-length zippered pocket is located on the right-hand side.  As you can see, it doesn't lay completely flat...good thing it's cute!  However, with the inserts, it does flatten down a bit more.

      Here is what the pink finsbury looks like with my diary pages located in the middle of the binder.  So cute and fun!

      The blue personal finsbury is stunning!  I love these cute little heart paper clips from  They fit nicely in one of the card slots.

      This is my set-up with an elephant theme!  The stickers came from Target and Etsy.

      See how well this orange and blue theme coordinates?  LOL!
      If you're thinking about purchasing one of these (or both), I would say go for it!

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      Kristy, from Coffee & Literature, nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you!  I'm so honored!

      This award is given out to up-and-coming bloggers and it's a great way to find new blogs to read!

      Here are the "rules" you must follow in order to "accept" the award:

      1. Post 11 random things about yourself
      2. Answer the 11 questions from the tagger
      3. Create 11 new questions for the 11 blogs you nominate.
      4. Inform them by commenting on their blog.
      5. No tag backs!!

      11 Random Things About Me:
      1.  I have B.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education (P-5)
      2.  I taught 5th grade for 6 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom.
      3.  I love designer handbags!
      4.  I bought my first Filofax 6 months ago.
      5.  I now consider myself a Filofax collector. :)
      6.  I have 3 kids.
      7.  I've been married for almost 16 years.
      8.  I love to plan parties.
      9.  In college, I was the president of my sorority (Phi Mu).
      10.  I love pink geraniums.
      11.  I've been a stay-at-home mom for 11 years.

      Answers to Kristy's Questions:
      1.  Favorite quote?   I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
      2. On a scale from 1-10, how organized are you?  8
      3.  Favorite drink?  decaf sweet tea
      4.  Favorite book?  Gone With the Wind
      5.  Favorite song?  Show Me Your Glory
      6.  How long have you been blogging?  3 days 
      7.  Where would your dream vacation be?  Hawaii
       8.  Favorite animal?  panda bear
      9.  What kind of computer/tablet do you own?  Dell & an Ipad
      10.  What are your hidden talents?  I can play the flute.
      11.  Favorite Filofax:  pink personal finsbury

      My Questions for the Nominees:  
      1.  How many Filofaxes do you own?
      2.  When did you purchase your first Filofax?
      3.  Favorite movie?
      4.  Favorite restaurant or meal?
      5.  Favorite store to buy Filofax supplies?
      6.  Where was your first job?
      7.  Favorite tv show?
      8.  What's at the top of your Filofax wish list?
      9.  Favorite pen to use in your Filofax?
      10.  Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?
      11. What city do you really want to visit?

      My Nominations: 
      Thanks again, Kristy!  I really appreciate this nomination!

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    • 05/30/13--13:09: My Week!

    • This is our first full week of Summer Break!  I'm so glad to finally have some extra family time...even if the kids are STILL waking up at 6am!  Ugh!  We've been to the park three times, painted watercolor pictures, read books, and enjoyed the neighborhood pool.   And...I launched THIS blog!  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

      Here are all of the supplies I used to create My Week:

      *pink & blue washi tape:  Michael's
      *animal scene washi tape:  Yozocraft
      *pink hole protectors:  Etsy
      *heart sticky note pad:  Target
      *small animal sticker flakes:  Etsy
      *polka dot masking stickers:  Etsy
      *frog sticky tabs:  Mochithings
      *blue Avery tabs:  Staples
      *Rilakkuma brown bear sticky note pad:  Amazon
      *pink bear sticky note pad: Yozocraft
      *Mark-It Dots:  Amazon
      *magnetic page clips:  Barnes & Noble
      *Frixion pens:  Jetpens
      *Recollections journal pad:  Michael's
      *blue Post-It notes:  Staples

      I LOVE how this week turned out!  I'm also glad to be back in my pink personal finsbury!

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    • 06/04/13--13:57: Pilot Frixion Marker Review

    • I absolutely LOVE the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens so I thought it would be fun to give the Erasable Markers a try.  First of all, when any marker claims to be erasable, I can't help but be skeptical.  But, these are actually AWESOME!  They are available in all types of amazing colors.  I ordered the ones above (from top to bottom):  blue, pink, soft green, light blue, green, and black...from

      They write smoothly and erase nicely.  All of the colors I purchased show up very well on the Filofax "To Do" list page...although the Soft Green is a little light.

      This is the back of the same page laying flat.  You can't see any bleeding through here.

      If you hold the page up, you will be able to see the writing on the other side.  However, the ink does not bleed through.  I highly recommend these markers!  They work great in my Filofax and add just the right amount of extra color when needed.  I love them!

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    • 06/06/13--09:57: My Week!

    • This has been a busy week so far!  I LOVE Summer Break!  My 3-year-old son started swimming lessons for the very first time and is doing so well.  He is already jumping in and looks so cute in his little blue goggles.  I can't wait for him to be able to swim on his own like his two older sisters...then I will finally be able to relax at the pool!  We've also been to the movies, park, Barnes & Noble, and the eye doctor.  If you add in all of the loads of laundry I've done, I'd say a relaxing weekend is in order!  Hope you have one, too!

      Here are the items I used to create my week:

      *  apple tree sticky note (Mochithings)
      *  "remember this" sticky note (Target)
      *  animal stickers (Target)
      *  monkey magnetic page clips (Amazon-Plush Puppy to Go)
      *  frog sticky note (Yozocraft)
      *  black frixion ball slim pen (Jetpens)
      *  happy thoughts notecard (Michael's)
      *  green post-it note (Staples)
      *  monkey sticky note (Girl of All Work)
      *  elephant bookmark (Amazon-Plush Puppy to Go)
      *  polka-dot washi tape (Michael's)

      The little frog tab on my flyleaf (in the My Week shot) was created using an Avery tab from Staples and a frog sticky tab from Mochithings.

      This week, I'm currently using my Personal Cuban in Chestnut.  Love the color and smooth texture of this binder.  It's getting me by until my Personal Ochre Malden gets here.  Can't wait!

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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      This is the cutest little light blue case and it's perfect for stashing a lot of my on-the-go Filofax supplies.  It's a Cosmos Multi-Purpose Case from Amazon for only $7.99!  I originally saw this on Instagram...@ddrabmama and @craftymommy24cs both posted pictures of it.  For that price, I had to give it a try.  I really like all of the pockets it has and it fits nicely in my bag.  It holds so much and even has a zippered pocket on the right-hand side, for extra storage.  The entire case also zips closed.

      So adorable and perfect for Filofax fans!  Its dimensions are:  9.5" x 5.5" x 0.2".

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      This week was all about getting ready to go on Vacation!  We are beach bound and I've been busy doing loads and loads of laundry, packing, finding pails and shovels, holding the mail, etc.  Can't wait to relax with my family for a few days, enjoy the sand between my toes, and celebrate Father's Day!

      This week, I'm currently in my Personal Green Apex.  

      Here is a list of the supplies I used to create this fun week:

      *  pink chevron washi tape:  Michael's
      *  stickers:  all from a Hello Kitty sticker book from Michael's
      *  fish & frog page clip:  by Re-marks from Plush Puppy to Go (Amazon)
      *  beach note card (in planner):  Me & My Big Ideas card set from Michael's
      *  pink sticky arrow:  Barnes & Noble
      *  pens used:  Frixion Ball Slim in black and Frixion Eraseable Marker in light blue

      Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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      This week, I moved into my Personal Blue Apex.  I decided to have some fun with a blue, yellow, and cute monkey/bear theme.  After a busy four day vacation at the beach, it's now back to reality.  This means lots of laundry again!  Ugh!  I'm also preparing for my son's 4th Birthday this weekend.  I still have a few last minute items to buy.

        Without a Filofax, I would be so lost.  It's amazing how mind-clearing it is to simply write things down.  I'm definitely a planner and seeing things written in my calendar really appeals to my visual/creative side.  You just don't get the same effect using a smart phone or computer.

      Here are the supplies I used to create My Week:

      *  Yellow Mark-It Dots:  Amazon
      *  Yellow square sticky notes:  Target
      *  Monkey magnetic page clip:  Barnes & Noble
      *  Birthday stickers:  Target
      *  Black Frixion Slim Pen .38:  Jetpens
      *  #dreambig Post-It notes:  Target
      *  Monkey sticky notes:  Girl of All Work
      *  Blue polka dot washi tape:  Michael's
      *  Yellow Post-It sticky flags:  Target
      *  Yellow flower hole protectors:  Etsy (School Locker)
      *  Rilakkuma sticky notes:  Amazon
      * Heart stickers:  Creative Memories
      *  Monkey & banana stickers (pictured in Filofax):  local scrapbook store
      *  Monkey clip (pictured in Filofax):  Barnes & Noble
      *Take Note (in Filofax):  free printable from Pinterest
      * Yellow polka dot card (in Filofax):  Michael's

      I'm really liking the Blue Apex.  It's fun, lightweight, colorful, and perfect for summer!  It lays completely flat with inserts, too!  My cute little Rilakkuma clip looks right at home next to Mr. Monkey!  Love these two together!  Hope you have a fun day and thanks for stopping by!

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      This week is filled with lots and lots of PINK!  My new personal filofax Original in Fluorescent Pink finally arrived...and it is VERY bright!  I really like it so far!  Luckily, my pink week coordinates nicely with it.

      Here are the items I used to decorate:

      * pink polka dot washi tape-Michael's
      *  pink heart page marker-Mochithings
      *  Hello Kitty stickers-sticker book from Michael's
      *  pink Post It note-Staples
      *  Hello Kitty bookmark-Target
      *  pink flamingo bookmark-Mochithings
      *  heart paper clip-Jetpens
      *  "Love Summer" note card-Michael's
      *  polka dot note card-Michael's
      *  pens used-Frixion Ball Slim in pink & black

      Love this new Rilakkuma page marker from!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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      Happy July 4th Week!  Lots of red, white, and blue going on here!  I moved back into my personal blue apex simply because it's blue and it coordinates with this week's theme.  :)  Not sure we'll be grilling out for the 4th because there's a 100% chance of rain.  That also means no fireworks.  Oh well.  It's having fun that counts!

      Here are the supplies I used:

      * flag stickers-Michael's
      * red Mark-It Dot stickers-Amazon
      * red color coding dots-Staples
      *  red magnetic page marker-Target
      *  bear & tiger sticky
      *  red pencil sticky note-Amazon (Modes4U)
      *  black Frixion
      *  blue gingham washi tape-yozocraft

       I'm so glad you stopped by!  Have a great week!

      See this week's Youtube video here:

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    • 07/05/13--17:35: Philofaxy Award Nominee!

    • I am so honored to be nominated for a Philofaxy Award for Most Artistic Filofax/Blog!  Thanks so much to the kind person who nominated me.  It means so much to simply be recognized for doing something that I LOVE so dearly.  This is an amazing community of people and I'm overwhelmed daily with kind comments and new followers!  Thank you all so much!  I draw inspiration from each and every one of you!  Good luck to all of the nominees!  To vote, please and make your selection on the left-hand side. 

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      This week, I've moved into my personal aqua saffiano.  I really love this planner because it seems to hold alot!  This week's theme is fun frogs and polka dots...perfect for summer!  I'm looking forward to the end of the week because we have a little trip out of town planned.  Can't wait to fill in our daily adventures!

      Supplies used to create this week:

      *  Magnetic frog bookmark (pictured in Filofax)-Barnes and Noble
      *  Frog and grass stickers-Mrs. Grossman's Brand-The School Box
      * Frog over the page bookmark-Barnes and Noble
      * Frog sticky note pad-Jetpens
      * Sunshine note card-Me & My Big Ideas-Michael's
      * Frixion 0.4 erasable black pen-Jetpens
      * Orange polka dot washi tape-Michael's
      * Polka dot sticky notes-Target $ spot

      Hope you have a fun day!  Thanks for stopping by!

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      This Week's Theme:  Pandas and Hearts
      Filofax:  Personal Grey Malden

      Items used:
      *  panda stickers: The School Box
      *  pink Post-It note:  Target
      *  Love notecard:  Michael's
      *  panda magnetic page clip:  Amazon (Plush Puppy to Go)
      *  panda book mark:  mochithings
      *  heart hole punch seals:  ebay
      *  panda over-the-page bookmark:  Amazon (Plush Puppy to Go)
      *  panda sticky note (holding sign):  Amazon (Japanese Gift Market)
      *  panda sticky note notepad:  jetpens
      *  washi tape:  Michael's
      *  iPhone sticky note:  Wal-Mart
      * black Frixion 0.7 erasable pen

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      This week, I'm using my Personal Purple Saffiano Filofax.  I love this binder so much!  It's so roomy and I really adore its vibrant purple color!  Forest Friends and Hearts adorn this week's pages!

      Items used:
      *  Chirp Bird Clip Bookmark by Remarks:  Amazon (SuperMommy51)
      *  Bear with Apple sticky notes:
      *  Frog sticky notes:  ebay (jujusmile10)
      *  Forest Friends stickers:  The School Box (carson-delossa)
      *  To Do List:
      *  Purple masking sticker tape:
      *  Green-striped note card:  Michael's (Me & My Big Ideas)
      *  Heart and rectangle Post-it notes:  Staples
      *  Pencil sticky notes:  ebay (jujusmile10)
      * Washi tape:  Michael's
      *  Black Frixion 07 pen:

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      This week, we are winding down summer break for the kids and celebrating my daughter's 13th birthday!  Time is flying by!  I'm currently using my Personal Blue Finsbury. 

      Supplies Used:

      *  star stickers:  Michael's
      * orange Mark-It Dots:  Amazon
      *  magnetic dog clip:  Barnes & Noble
      *  notecards:  Michael's
      *  bunny sticky note: (bear shown)
      * octopus bookmark:  Amazon (Plush Puppy to Go)
      *  blue cat sticky note:  jujusmile10 (eBay)
      * pink polka dot washi tape:  Michael's
      *  Frixion black eraseable pen 07:  Jetpens
      * birthday stickers:  local school supply store

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      It's Back to School time!  We had a wonderful summer!  My 3 children are looking forward to going back and getting into a routine again.  I know I am!  I love this time of year.  I taught 5th grade before staying home with my kids and enjoyed it so much!

      This week's theme Owls & Apples
      Filofax:  Personal Chestnut Cuban

      Items Used:

      *  Frixion Ball 07 Erasable Black Pen & Frixion Black Slim:
      *  Owl Stickers:  Local School Supply Store (carson dellosa brand)
      *  Pink Bear Sticky Note:
      *  Owl Sticky Note:  Target $ Spot
      *  Yellow Lined Apple Sticky Notes:  Target $ Spot
      *  Owl Magnetic Bookmark:
      *  Green Polka Dot Washi Tape:  Michael's
      *  Apple Clip:
      *  Green Chevron Paper (pictured in Filofax):  Michael's
      *  School Stickers (pictured in Filofax):  Creative Memories (I believe...from years ago)

      See "My Week" Youtube Video Here:

      Have a great week everyone!  So glad you stopped by!

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      This week, I'm using my personal Pink Fluorescent Original.  School is back in session and we are still adjusting to a new schedule with Cross Country, Dance Class, T-Ball, and Piano Lessons added to the mix!  I've left this week open to add extra info for t-ball practice, etc.  So busy, but I love it!

      Supplies used to decorate this week:

      *  Mini calendar free printable:
      *  Ice cream book mark:  Barnes & Noble
      *  Strawberry sticky note:
      *  Pink cat sticky note: jujusmile10 (ebay)
      * Ice cream sticky note:
      *  Ice cream book mark:  The Sell All (amazon)
      *  Pink striped notecard (pictured in planner):  Michael's
      *  Blue polka dot washi tape (pictured in planner):  Michael's
      *  Frixion black pens 07 & .38

      Thanks for stopping by!

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